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I believe marketing is about people. It’s the bridge between incredible products and making lives better. It’s about creating a real connection with hearts and minds, empowering consumer choice while amplifying the voice of business.

I help companies understand their audience through the gathering and analyzing of data online. Your digital assets are the key to learning the behavioral patterns, wants, needs, fears and frustrations of those who matter most to your business. By knowing your audience, you can create products people care about. And when people care about a product, marketing is the easiest job in the world.


Extend your offerings to include my SEO, Social Media, Content, Paid Advertising and Analytics Analysis services.

SEO Social Content Advertising

Need a contractor to create a targeted digital marketing campaign? Hire me for a short-term project.

Strategy Analytics LPO CRO

With me, your small business gets a one-man marketing department. Save time and money.

Web Design Automation Google Analytics Social Media

Your non-profit needs a marketer with a heart. I help organizations increase contributions using data.

Visitor Analysis Design Social Media Ecommerce

Web Analytics & Reporting

Your data is your most valuable asset, so why is it just sitting there?

Did you know that 60% of the top 100,000 websites on the Internet use Google Analytics? The percentage stays the same when you expand to the entire Web. That’s a lot of data being collected! Unfortunately, we’re at a stage in Digital Marketing where the vast majority of the data is being completely underutilized. It’s imperative that businesses understand the value available in web analytics. MichaelJ.me Digital Marketing helps you find valuable insights from your existing data.

The Process


To set up your analytics properly, we must know which KPI’s, goals and events to track. I will help find each of these and determine the value of your marketing channels.


Properly setting up your analytics is key to quality reporting. I will do a thorough setup, create dashboards and specific views that tell the full story of your users’ interaction.


The reports become your best friend and your weapon for justifying or defending marketing expenditures. With insightful reports in place, learning about your customer is easier than ever.


Most companies want to have the ultimate ownership of the data. Training allows your team to not only understand the reports, but know the steps necessary to affecting change.


Today’s marketing relies on its ability to add value. That’s why digital is so important–marketers can prove their value like never before. News flash: modern marketing doesn’t rely on HiPPOs anymore.

With a background including sales, psychology, customer service and technology, I’m able to provide a unique perspective to my clients. With an keen understanding of human behavior and the technical skills to evaluate, plan and implement strategies, my value is built in. But don’t take my word for it; let me prove it. I’ll walk the talk and start from the very beginning with a foundation of data and measurement. Because in digital marketing, if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist.


The foundation of digital marketing is good data. Whether you’re implementing Google Analytics tracking for the first time or improving an existing installation, I will get your visitor tracking in top shape.

WP Development

Need a WordPress developer? For simple brochure or complex ecommerce sites, it is simply the most efficient way to manage your website and my preferred tool for integrating digital marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Using Pardot, Hubspot, Emma, Constant Contact or MailChimp, you’re message can not only be delivered at a low cost, but in one of the most effective and accepted forms of digital marketing.

Content Marketing

At the core of your strategy is insightful, engaging content. Successful SEO, web, email, social media and ad campaigns stem from content that connects with your audience, builds trust and adds value.


If your business relies even a small percentage on Google search ranking, SEO must be a consideration. Your business won’t survive if you’re just keeping up with the Joneses–beat them with SEO best practices.

Paid Ads

Do people really click ads? You bet! Supplementing email, content and SEO with paid ads is a great strategy. It can be very cost effective and serve as a branding platform as well as a conversion source.

Social Media

Everyone is social, but it’s tough in business. With the right strategy, however, you can not only build loyal visitors, but measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns.

CRM Integration

Pull everything together with a rock solid CRM solution, measure results, deliver quality leads to your sales team and see the financial impact of your marketing dollars. It’s all possible with digital.

Pipeline Report

From The Blog

To do awesome stuff, one must understand the foundational principals of awesomeness. The blog at MichaelJ.me is meant to provide great content as well as inspire you to be the best marketer you can be. I’m building a community of digital marketing fanatics who love this stuff as much as I do.

Follow my digital marketing blog as I give away all my secrets to successful digital marketing. The Internet is full of great content, but nothing like this. I write completely unique content meant to be directly usable in the business environment. Have a question or a topic idea? Send me your suggestions on Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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